Jascha Hannover is a documentary filmmaker based in Cologne and Berlin. Documentaries he directed or collaborated on as a creative producer were shown at festivals including Locarno, Raindance and Filmfest Munich, and have been sold to broadcasters worldwide. He was nominated for the CIVIS Media Award and is a recipient of the ARD-Programmprämie. In 2019, he was a participant of Documentary Campus Masterschool.


The Books He Didn’t Burn

2023, 90 Minutes

THE BOOKS HE DIDN’T BURN takes a critical look at the history of Western thought by examining the remains of Adolf Hitler’s private library. The dictator and mass murderer owned 16,000 books at the end of his life, 1,200 of which are kept in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C today.
The documentary follows American historian Timothy Ryback, who studied these books for almost a decade. Hitler’s private library shows that he sprang from a long line of racist and anti-semitic thinkers and writers, many of them representing the intellectual mainstream of their time. The hateful ideas in them paved the way for Hitler – and influence far-right extremists until this day.

Who’s Afraid Of Jewish Humor?

2021, 1 x 75 Mins (Festival), 2 x 52 Mins (TV)

Jewish humor has travelled from the Shtetl to Hollywood, from the Torah to Comic books. Jewish humor is tradition and pop culture – and also a cliché? Especially in Germany and Austria, Jewish jokes became very popular after the Second World War. Jewish humor is, allegedly, self-ironic – and laughing about the Jews together with the Jews seems like a convenient way for the perpetrator countries to cope with their dark pasts. But is Jewish humor really always self-mocking – or is the matter more complex?

The Wikipedia Promise

2021, 52 and 45 Minutes

Wikipedia begins with a promise: knowledge production, which for millennia was in the hands of elites, is to be radically democratized. Anyone can contribute, regardless of education level or background. Is the online project a utopia come true? In the film, „Wikipidians“ from Egypt, Germany, Ghana, South Africa, Tunisia and the USA have their say. Is today’s Wikipedia conservative or radical? Is it an online re-launch of Eurocentric and androcentric knowledge production – or a truly global project?

Refugees In Their Own Words

2020, Web-Series, 8 x 7 Minutes

Eight people, eight turning points. The web series tells the story of fleeing and a new beginning in a foreign country. The protagonists come from different countries, their experiences range from 1945 to the present. They describe formative moments that still resonate in their lives today. In eight chapters, "Refugees in their own words" shows that the history of mankind is a story of migration.

Hollywood’s II. World War

2019, 90 Minutes

The US military had fewer than half a million troops in 1939. That number rose to over 12 million by the end of the war. Among the many new conscripts were some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors, including Frank Capra and Jewish emigres Billy Wilder and William Wyler. Too old to fight, they used their talent to produce documentaries and propaganda movies. The documentary tells the little-known story of how an industry built on entertainment and escapism helped win a deadly, vicious war.

Never Be Boring, Billy Wilder

2017, 90 and 52 Mins.

“There are three golden rules to filmmaking: thou shalt not bore, thou shalt not bore, and thou shalt not bore!” Director Billy Wilder was as a legend in his lifetime and embodies a period of contemporary history. He was successful beyond measure, and became very rich as a result – but he never sold out. In exclusive, newly-filmed interviews companions and contemporaries of Billy Wilder, such as Volker Schlöndorff, Marthe Keller und Paul Diamond the portrays a person who above all was never boring.

Everything about Martin Suter. Everything but the truth (Creative Producer)

2022, 90 Minutes

This film is not a classic portrait but a documentary using fiction to bring Martin Suter’s novels to life while introducing us to the author behind the stories on a whole new level. “Fantasy is usually more true than reality itself,” says Suter. He strolls through his stories, cinematically and aesthetically impressively staged, exposing his protagonists and their secrets – and especially his own private cosmos: a world drenched in contradictions and marked by an addiction to stories. This film reveals everything about Martin Suter – everything but the truth.

Trans – I Got Life (Creative Producer)

2021, 95 Minutes

The documentary follows seven trans people on their way to finding themselves. It shows how varied the paths can be and the kinds of hurdles that lie along the way. TRANS – I GOT LIFE is a journey into the in-between realms beyond rigid gender norms, into intimate living spaces, and into the operating room, which becomes a delivery room for a second birth.

You’ll Never Walk Alone (Creative Producer)

Creative Producer, 2017, 99 Minutes

YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE tells the story of a song. A song that has become the epitome of a global folk song. Each and every weekend, hundreds of thousands of football fans sing it in stadiums all over the world. But who would know that the roots of the tune go back to Budapest in the year 1909 – to a young playwright and a stage play called ‚Lilliom'? Together with actor Joachim Król, the documentary follows the footsteps of the song: from Budapest to New York, Hollywood, Liverpool – and from Liverpool around the world.



2023 –
Freelance Director and Creative Producer
Head of Development at Florianfilm GmbH
2014 – 2021
Writer, Director and Creative Producer at Florianfilm GmbH
2012 – 2013
Freelance film critc at negativ.de
2011 – 2014
Bachelor: Film studies and philosophy at Johannes Gutenberg Untiversität, Mainz


As Creative Producer: Closing film at Locarno Film Festival with ALLES ÜBER MARTIN SUTER. AUSSER DIE WAHRHEIT (Director: André Schäfer)
Winner of the ARD-Programmprämie for THE WIKIPEDIA PROMISE
Nominated for the CIVIS Media Award with REFUGEES IN THEIR OWN WORDS
As Creative Producer: Audience award at Filmfest Munich for TRANS – I GOT LIFE (Directors: Imogen Kimmel and Doris Metz)
Winner Best Documentary at Melech Film Festial (Israel) and Winner Award of Excellence at IndieFest La Jolla with HOLLYWOOD'S II WORLD WAR
Alumnus Documentary Campus Masterschool with THE BOOKS HE DIDN'T BURN
As Creative Producer: Nomination for Deutscher Dokumentarfilmpreis (Category „Music“) for YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE (Director: André Schäfer)