Refugees In Their Own Words


Refugees In Their Own Words


ARTE/SWR, Supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg

Release Date



Web-Series, 8 x 7 Minutes


Written and directed by: Jascha Hannover and Markus Augé
Based on an idea by: Angelika Schindler
Cinematography: Julia Schlingmann
Animation Artist: Kiana Naghshineh
Film Editor: Mathias Scharfi
Music: Martin Gerke
Producer: André Schäfer (Florianfilm GmbH)
Broadcaster: ARTE/SWR


Nominated for CIVIS Media Award, 2021

Eight people, eight turning points. The web series tells the story of fleeing and a new beginning in a foreign country. The protagonists come from different countries, their experiences range from 1945 to the present. They describe formative moments that still resonate in their lives today. In eight chapters, "Refugees in their own words" shows that the history of mankind is a story of migration.